Beneficial Goods is a social enterprise where proceeds from ethical and sustainable product sales are donated to support makers, causes, and sponsor initiatives. It is a website that empowers YOU, as a customer, to shop with intention and learn who benefits from your purchases. Hopefully you will feel fulfilled by the opportunity to give back and will in turn share with others who can do the same. 

This project is the brain child of Nancy Totino and co-created with Christy Bertrand. We are two members of the Rotary Club of Festival City Stratford who have been inspired through Rotary to serve others. After participating in medical aid trips, local and international improvement projects, and environmental initiatives, we saw need and a way to help. Together we spearheaded this fundraising website to do just that. It launched in early 2021 with the support of the Rotary Club of Festival City Stratford to purchase initial inventory using a District 6330 Sustainability Project Grant that was won in 2020.

This story is just getting started, and the project is at its early stages of development. Visit and shop often to support its growth and see how it evolves. 

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Thank you for supporting our project. Please have a look around, shop, and return often to see what new products and info we will be adding.

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