Feel The Love Greeting Card

Beneficial Goods

$6.00 CAD

Send someone a message of love for a special occasion or just because

Made With Love:

The beautifully hand-crafted quilt on the cover was created by Rotarian, Tine Buechler as a gift of love. Named "Feel the Love" to honour what it feels like to be a part a shared community, who works together and places service above self. 

The quilt was then photographed by Kris Von Kleist, as an opportunity to amplify awesome things. The card was then put together and printed by Kevin Hill from Commercial Printers in support of this project. Relationships both built while working on environmental initiatives over the years.


This card has been printed on 100% recycled material, and manufactured using a gas produced from decomposing landfill waste, free of ancient or endangered forest fibre, and whitened without chlorine. Forest Stewardship Council Certification supports responsible use of forest resources. The Rainforest Alliance Certified (RAC) seal is a symbol that indicates quality and commitment to effective conservation and sustainability practices.

Helping Others:

All proceeds from this card support Beneficial Goods, in their work to offer economic development opportunities to villages all over the world.

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