Larimar Earrings

Cabarete Sostenible

$30.00 CAD


Larimar is a rare semi-precious gem found in the Dominican Republic. It’s colour ranges from white, to light blue, to green-blue, to deep blue, mirroring the beautiful oceanic scenery of the Caribbean from which it comes. 

Norman Rilling, a member of the Peace Corps and Miguel Méndez found pieces of Larimar on the seashore in 1974. The word was created by Méndez, who combined his daughter's name Larissa with the the Spanish word for sea, Mar. 

The artists have already been paid in full, and money from the sale of these earings has been donated to Cabarete Sostenible a non-profit in Cabarete, supporting the community there.

Product Details:
Sterling Silver Hooks with Freshwater Pearls
Teardrop approximately 1.5" long
Dangle approximately 3.5" long

Benefitting: Cabarete Sostenible

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