Fair Trade Coffee - Medium Roast

Oromia Coffee Union

$10.00 CAD


Brew a fresh cup of coffee made from ethically sourced, fair trade certified coffee beans and celebrate a Polio free Africa.

About the Coffee:
Varieties: Yirgacheffe
Elevation: 1,500-2,000m
Processing: Wet processing and sun drying
Harvest Season: Sep-Dec
Export Season: Dec on
Organic Production: 100%
Organic Certification Agency: BCS

Your purchase today supports local and international economic stability, and continues the effort to eliminate Polio world wide. 

Roasted in Stratford, Ontario by a small family-owned business, To Bean of Not to Bean

Benefitting: Oromea Coffee Union 
Sponsored by: Rotary Club of Festival City
Cause: End Polio Now To read more about this cause, please visit endpolio.org

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