Raw Organic African Forest Honey

10,000 Beekeepers

$12.00 CAD


Every time you reach for this bottle you can feel good about making a healthy, sustainable, socially responsible, and empowering choice.

This rich and flavourful honey is raw, unpasteurized, pesticide free, GMO free and organic. Full of antioxidants and rich in micro-nutrients. 

Using ecologically sustainable and traditional practices, this liquid gold is gathered from deep in the pristine National Park forests of Tanzania. Each bottle helps locals to learn beekeeping and business skills, earning them an income by harvesting honey from wild forest bees that live naturally around their villages. 


  • Pure Tanzanian Certified Organic Honey.

    How to use it:

    • Condiment: Sweeten your coffee or tea, and drizzle on toast.
    • Cooking: Use as an ingredient in your baking, sauces, and more.
    • Beauty: Use it for all natural DIY beauty applications

    Made in Tanzania

    Benefitting: 10,000 Beekeepers
    Sponsored by: Rotary Club of Festival City

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